13 Crypto Jokes To Make Sure You Keep Hodl’n On

What’s life without a few jokes to help lighten the mood and bring us out of the dumps. Even when that dark and stormy cloud is caused by the struggle of the crypto life. That’s why we wanted to bring a little crypto based laughter into the lives of our readers, with content that has been provided by the dedicated souls among us in the cryptosphere and beyond.

And let’s face it, with the never ending struggles of price hikes and market lows, the whales tearing us all a new one and the SEC’s beef with Bitcoin ETS sometimes, the internet’s crypto jokes are all we really have.

This is a time honored classic and you’d think after all that’s happened in 2018, we’d actually learnt our lesson.


Source; CryptoNews

His bark is definitely worse than his bite…

Damn Satoshi is that really you?

Source; AccardiByTheSea/Reddit

Queen E may have been all that in the past, but buckle up kids, there’s a new monarch in Town! And she definitely isn’t traditional.


We feel your pain bud! We feel your pain.

This next one is just too good for words!

Source; uSpaace/MILK/Reddit

Keep hodln on little buddy…


Yes that can happen. But it’s best to make sure one isn’t dreaming or in a coma.

Well, this got a bit too dark too soon..

It’s just one pump and dump scheme away from going totally chaotic.

Now, wait a damn SEC!

We’re not even mad, this is legit.

Let’s end this wonderful meme ride with a lovely post Christmas tune courtesy @WhalePanda.

We can definitely see ourselves singing along to this in the near future. That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more amusingly depressing jokes.


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