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$100k in Bitcoin as Bounty for “Hacktivists”

An anonymous hacker Phineas Fisher has announced to reward hackers, or what he calls hacktivists, for disclosing global high-profile firm’s confidential documents according to a report. “Hacktivists” is a term used by hackers for those hackers who leak damaging information about businesses, either small or big, for the sake of the public good. However, the reward is a bounty for hacking into big companies such as mining and livestock companies in South America, Israeli spyware vendor NSO Group, and oil company Halliburton. Phineas fisher uploaded his manifesto on Friday, claiming that he will be paying these hackers up to $100,000 in either Bitcoin or Monero. In his manifesto, he called this “a bounty” for what he termed as the “Hacktivist Bug Hunting Program.” He stated that the money-reward he is offering is not enough to make someone rich but will only help hackers, who are benefiting the society, to make a decent living.

Phineas Fisher rose to prominence since the days of the notorious hacking group Anonymous and LulzSec. His first ever known hack was stealing 40GB of internal data from the British-German surveillance vendor Gamma Group and posting it on his Reddit profile. He revealed that the Gamma group was helping oppressive regimes all around the world against activists and journalists. The famous journalist organization, Reporters without Borders, named Gamma Group as “The Enemy of the Internet.” Gamma group denied selling their products to any oppressive regimes and claimed their goal is always to help governments catch terrorists.

His second notorious project was the hacking of Hacking Team’s servers, which were used to make hacking and surveillance software for the police as well as the intelligence agencies around the world. The Italian authorities have still not been able to find any clue regarding the identity of Phineas Fisher, although they had investigated the hacking team hack for over three years. However, some investigators claim that the hacker was able to breach into the Hacking Teams server through the system of its CEO, which was a bit outdated. He then went on to hack into servers of a Spanish police union and Turkey’s ruling party in 2016. These successful Robin hood-like raids encouraged many aspiring vigilante hackers; however, Phineas Fisher himself went into hiding for over two years.

It was only on this Sunday that the Hacker or Hackers called Phineas Fisher resurfaced and accepted their responsibility of hacking into the Cayman Bank, back into 2016, and stealing lots of money. Their manifesto clearly mentioned robbing the bank but said they gave the money away. They stated, “computer hacking is a powerful tool to fight economic inequality.”

Phineas Fisher also wrote,

Privacy for the powerful is not the same when it allows them to evade the limits of a system itself designed to give them privileges; and privacy for the weak, which protects them from a system conceived to exploit them.

The hacktivist believes its goal is to fight the corrupt elite, who are the oppressors and not the victims. The manifesto also published a guide on how to hack into companies and banks but only for the good of the public.

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