10 Influential Figures in the Bitcoin and Ethereum-Verse That You Need to Know About

As the crypto world continues to grow and make progress, it’s always good to know a little backstory. A little history never hurt somebody, amirite?

Also, if you want to work your way to becoming a walking-talking little crypto infused Encyclopedia then it is good to know who did what.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Even if you don’t know a lot, I’m sure you would have heard his/her name. The most mysterious figure in the crypto world. Though this one is pretty famous we know very little about them. Their personal information was never disclosed. Heck, we don’t even know if it’s one person or more.

But what we do know is that; they are a genius! Satoshi is the founder of the world’s largest cryptocurrency; Bitcoin. The pioneer of this digital phenomena holds a very high place in the crypto-sphere.

Vitalik Buterin

The second most important in the bitcoin world. He is the creator of the blockchain platform, Ethereum as well as it’s digital token Ether. Starting out at a tender age, Buterin made some remarkable contributions to the cryptocurrency.

His platform is dedicated to creating decentralized apps. All the cool stuff like ETHTown, CryptoKitties, MegaCryptoPolis and more, are the courtesy of Ethereum.

Roger Ver

A leading yet controversial figure, Roger is known as the “Bitcoin Jesus”. An early evangelist of the bitcoin world, he started supporting the industry when it was still afresh.

However, his personal information has added to the controversy especially when he renounced his US citizenship and moved to the Caribbean island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Strange man, I must say.

Nick Szabo

He could very well be Satoshi’s wingman according to some experts. He, too, is a pioneer in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm. He developed the earliest smart contract and launched “bit gold”.

Gavin Andresen

No, not the meme kid.

Most of the early starters come from Bitcoin’s development team. Gavin was the appointed as the lead developer on the Bitcoin Core project by Satoshi. He started working on it in 2010 and then went onto creating Bitcoin Foundation. With his work in the Bitcoin Developers team and his Bitcoin Foundation, both have played a pivotal role in shaping the cryptocurrency world.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie joined the bitcoin community by founding a startup called BitInstant. However, it didn’t go as planned as Charlie was involved in some questionable behavior that got him a year in jail. After serving his jail time, he returned to the cryptocurrency with other types of projects in mind.

Camero and Tyler Winklevoss

These white boys were famous long before the advent of bitcoin. However, they take home the trophy for being the first bitcoin billionaires. The twin brothers co-founded Winklevoss Capital and Gemini. They also invested $11 million in the digital currency back in 2013, long before it took the world by storm.

Brad Garlinghouse

A funny name for a serious guy. Brad GARLIChouse – I am so sorry – is actually the CEO of Ripple. Garlinghouse had quite a lot of experience at his hand from the tech world before he came to crypto. He was the CEO of the file-sharing startup Hightail and before that he rendered his services at AOL and Yahoo at a senior level.

For now, his coin has been doing really good and some even believe that it could become the next big thing.

Brain Armstrong

It’s not necessary that some of the most important people in the realms of crypto have to currency creators as well. One such example is Brain Armstrong. He is the CEO of Coinbase which is the most popular currency exchanges in the world. It provides transaction in the for most major currencies and caters to a dozen fiat currencies as well.

The exchange is doing pretty well and has proven to the leader in this area from time to time.

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