Your Crypto Is Under Threat

We often run into technological issues and we always delay in getting them fixed because we are too busy contemplating and thinking it will fix on its own. We don’t look for solutions until the damage is completely done! Why do we wait for the water to reach the sky?

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Hacking and viruses are two main culprits because of which you can lose your data forever and ever! But losing data isn’t as terrifying as losing your money. Right? If you have your cash in hand and you end up losing it one way or the other. The chances of finding it back are nil. All the stars need to be in your favor to find you lost cash. So, what is the case in crypto? Can we lose our crypto forever?

All You Need Is Patience

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There is always a constant war between which phone is user friendly. An iPhone or an android? But, when it comes to crypto. It can be hard on you and test your patience to a whole new level. It takes a lot of skills to secure your digital money. Back in the 90’s hacking was a very cool activity and on the most someone would hack was your MSN account. That feels like it was ages ago! Good old days man!

However, today hacking is a huge business. It is all up to you that how you manage to secure your cryptocurrency and not to wake up one day with a panic attack only to find out you’re hacked you’ve lost your hard earned money forever. That would be disastrous!

Back Up Your Back Up!

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How do you find a strong backup? It is often secure to just go for that 1 terabyte hard disk. Its the most reliable back up or you could simply start storing the data in USB’s. But, its important to have a back up your back up for data and your cryptos as well. Once you miss place the data or are hacked. It’s gone with the wind!

Free Anti-Virus Is A Trap

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Never rely on the free anti-viruses that pop up on the sides of your screens, they probably cause more damage than you would think they will. All you have to do is invest in a good software which scans your viruses and throws them out for good! Free anti-viruses only come in handy when you have to protect your laptop and phones, not when it comes to protecting your cryptocurrency. There may be many anti-viruses available online claiming to be free of cost. Don’t be stupid to fall in an obvious trap!

Get A Freaking Wallet!

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The Bitcoin Core wallet is famous in the crypto-users. It doesn’t matter if you return after months or years, it is compatible with the latest versions once you return. Do not forget to keep a strong and secure password and do not forget that password either! You need a wallet to keep your crypto safe from preying eyes. It’s essential.

Now you know what you need to do to keep your crypto safe. Otherwise you can walk around with the fear that your crypto can be lost to hackers any day. Choice is yours. We can only tell you what’s best for you!

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If you have more tips to keep crypto safe. Comment below to help your crypto-mates!

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