World Blockchain Summit Ends in Dubai

Blockchain technology is proving to be game-changing in a variety of industries across the globe. And in order to increase its adoption and exposure further, World Blockchain Summit (WBS) is held across 15+ destinations across the globe. Recently, WBS was held in Dubai from 23-25 October 2018.

The major aim of this summit is to connect the prominent thought leaders in the blockchain arena. Different blockchain gurus and tech giants are put in contact with each other through this summit. Emerging and promising startups are also given the opportunity to showcase their products to the world and gain the attention of heavy investors. Developers, tech entrepreneurs, leaders in the IT arena, governmental authorities, regional business are all present on one platform, looking to expand and make the technology better.

In this summit, startups are also given an opportunity of raising up to US$ 1 million of investments. ICOs can be pitched in front of various angel investors and VCs.

During the recent summit in Dubai, the discussion mainly revolved around blockchain usage in electronic identifications systems, registrations of new businesses using blockchain, decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) technology, investment in pre-ICO, inspection of a successful token sale, blockchain-based fintech, decentralized proof-of-existence, differences between utility tokens and security tokens, Zero-knowledge protocols to Knowledge Proofs and bringing DAO’s back. These were some of the major topics that were discussed in detail by some of the most prominent leaders in the blockchain arena.

In order to get to know about the overall review of the summit from someone who participated in the event, BlockPublisher got in touch with one of the prominent personalities in the crypto and blockchain arena who goes by the name of ‘Nye The Crypto Guy’ on Twitter. Nye is a well-renowned crypto influencer and a content creator. He is one of the proponents of the blockchain and crypto world. He is also the founder of Elevated District Media, a company aimed at helping blockchain startups develop social media strategies regarding their businesses.

Talking about the summit, Nye stated:

[World Blockchain Summit] Was a really good event with good people. I enjoyed being on stage and exploring the city.

Answering the question regarding whether a project or happening of the event was able to grab his attention, Nye stated:

No, not really.

WBS seems to take the necessary steps needed for the large-scale adoption of the blockchain technology worldwide. The next WBS will be held in Amsterdam on November 9, 2018. More details regarding the summit can be found here.

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