Why Women Need to Up their Game in Crypto!

The year of 2018 has been an absolute roller coaster ride for everyone involved in the crypto-world. There has been lies, scandal and gossip along the road. We won’t deny that. But, we wonder what has been it really like for the women? Sadly, the crypto-world hasn’t been a breath of fresh air for all.

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Let’s go back in history. When you step out of the walls of your house the dynamics change. Especially for women. It’s a much different world out there and we’re still not living in a world free of sexism. That’s our history and we’re learning from it. At least we think we are. The past hasn’t been any different and the present is any different either. That’s probably why thinking about the future of women has become super important.

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It can’t go the way it is forever. You see, when we look at statistics the percentage of women in the tech industry has been a bit disappointing. We won’t say it hasn’t improved. Thanks to the waves of feminism. If all the women in history wouldn’t have stood up for what they truly believed in, we would have been living in an entirely different world. A world full of sexism and inequality. 

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But, we fear the much like everything else. The crypto-world is obnoxiously hijacked by the men. We believe, considering how the crypto-world is still new there is room for equal representation for all genders. Come on, it can’t keep going on for this forever. The pace needs to improve and we’ve got to make room for everyone.

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That’s why we need more women in the crypto-world and if it goes how it’s planned the crypto-world could be the first place ever to have an equal representation for the women! In order for it to take its toll. Here’s why women need to get into the crypto-world and take charge.

Blockchain is the Future

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We’re evangelical in our convictions that the blockchain technology is the future. All feelings of wariness about crypto-world falling apart should be set at bay. It’s high time you believe it and that’s what we need from the women too. It’s a simple math in our heads! If the women become a part of the blockchain, the future will be more brighter than ever. Interestingly, the representation of women will drastically increase in all sectors of the tech world. We’re thinking big here!


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You see, the crypto-world is full of smart connected leaders. But, how much of them are women? Very few according to the recent statistics.The bro-yo culture of sexism, shallow greed, crime and pump-and-dump scheme are the worst aspects of the tech and finance industry. Unfortunately, it still prevails. Women involved in the crypto-world has even reported casual sexism.

All the merry reasons to do something about it before the boat sails! The crypto field is still in its infancy stages and doesn’t need to mirror the rest of the tech industry’s sexism and lack of diversity. It’s high time, young men stop referring to women as “Sweetheart” and start referring to women the right way. We can’t let men “sweetheart” women anymore. Not acceptable!

The Men Can’t Take All the Wealth Again

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There are even signs of disparity in the ownership of the digital currency. When you observe the crypto wealth is extremely concentrated. Even surveys have shown how 71% of the digital currency is owned by the women. It isn’t surprising. But, it needs to change before things get out of control and the women are left behind once again.

We’re Tired of Hearing: “There aren’t enough women in the crypto-world.”

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Honestly, we hope with all our hearts to never hear the phrase again. Women have started to begin to understand the importance of the crypto-world and what it has to offer in the future. So, we hope the crypto-world can help bring a major groundbreaking change in the society for women which we believe is very much needed.

Are you ready to be a part of the change? Do you think the crypto-world can possibly turn things around for the women all over? I have a few thought and I would love to know your point of views. Comment below!

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