‘Waltonchain and Edenchain’s Partnership Will Open New Doors for Blockchain Technology’ According to an Expert

Waltonchain and Edenchain will be collaborating on technical grounds to each other’s advantage. Edenchain will share their technical expertise on Blockchain management with Waltonchain while Waltonchain will provide their assistance related to VIOT (Value Internet of Things) to companies and startups that are participating in HelloEden. The partnership is welcomed by enthusiasts and specialists in the Blockchain world as several other Blockchains are already partnering for their own benefits.

Upon reaching out to a Blockchain specialist, Andy Mearian told BlockPublisher;

Waltonchain and Edenchain’s Partnership will open new doors for Blockchain technology and it’s a validation to the idea that how feasible it is for different Blockchains to collaborate with each other.

Waltonchain is considered as a pioneer by bringing Blockchain to the Internet of Things. Based on RFID technology, the company is adamant in their mission to lead humanity to the reliable digital life through transparent and shared information data. Whereas Edenchain forte is security and resource management, the company provides a full one-stop service to other companies in helping them from their ICOs to legal issues and from marketing/PR to complex technology development.

Edenchain’s fast growing business network in the Blockchain industry will also be extremely beneficial for Waltonchain in expanding their business.

Mearian stated.

Talking about how Blockchain technology has evolved Mearian further said;

Blockchain was considered ‘just a ripple in a pond’ a few years ago but now the technology has turned into a tsunami and it is here to stay.

Only time will tell how this partnership can open doors for more elaborated business use cases for enterprise blockchain users, but news surely gives us hope in the idea of co-existence and how two different Blockchains can achieve greater things for the ever growing Blockchain space working for the betterment of humanity!

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