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Wachsman Expands Services To Asia – Establishes Office in Singapore

Wachsman, a leading firm that provides services to blockchain based platforms has now expanded its territory to Asia. A branch of this firm has been established in Singapore along with the announcement of 20 vacancies. Wachsman has been rendering services to some of the major blockchain projects through its headquarters in New York, and aims to uncover immense potential of Asian blockchain projects by providing services such as strategic advisory, event management, and public relations support.

By establishing operations in Singapore, Wachsman, which was previously located in North America and Europe, has taken a step towards global expansion. A total of six experienced professionals have been put in charge, with a plan to recruit 20 more by the end of 2019. Singapore is a hub of revolutionary Fintech and an establishment of Wachsman subsidiary in this territory of Asia can expand the horizons for the Asian operations. The company aims to inculcate awareness about blockchain technology and pave the way for its global adoption.

David Wachsman, CEO of Wachsman commented on how establishment of a subsidiary in Singapore can help the company globalize. He said,

With its long-held reputation as a fintech hotspot, a birthplace of digital innovation, and as a favorable environment for blockchain adoption, Singapore was the clear choice for the next phase of our firm’s global expansion.

Asia holds significant influence over the global blockchain industry, particularly at the protocol and development level. Our clients have often enquired about Wachsman’s global presence and today our footprint in Singapore enables us to provide coverage across every timezone.

The newly opened branch in Singapore will also cater to the to the advisory needs of newly formed blockchain projects in Asia. The strategic advisory group of Wachsman which already provides business strategy and financial advisory services to blockchain’s various widely renowned companies and enterprises will also become beneficial to Asian projects. The SEG will be incorporating its past experience to help its client uncover the true potential of blockchain. The managing director of the strategic advisory group, Michael Chang, who founded the blockchain coverage effort at Jefferies investment bank, said:

From founding teams developing their long-term business strategy to new entrants navigating an incredibly complex and thorny landscape, we plan to help the most promising organizations achieve their next stages of growth.

Wachsman enlists more than 120 high profile blockchain-related companies including leading protocols, development teams, exchanges, consortium, products, and services globally. The crew at Wachsman grew to a total of 100 employees last August and will be recruiting 50 more personnel in Dublin by 2020. The instantiation of an operational office in Singapore has indeed been a milestone for the company, however the company is still miles away from a global expansion.

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