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“Venezuela’s Gold Withdrawal Request Denied Shows Bitcoin (BTC) Is The Last Resort For Us”, Explains The Founder Of Morgan Creek Digital

Though the recent situation involving Venezuela is quite a serious one, the major focus turns out to be the request from Venezuela to withdraw its very own gold of worth $1.2 billion. The country decides to get its assets out of the Bank of England but out of the blue the bank refused, denying the withdrawal request. The founder and partner for the Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano describes that the situation is rather queer as per a person or an entity cannot access his or its monetary assets as long as we stick to the current financial “Banker” system which is actually undermining our hold over our own assets. With this sort of issue with the system, the money one owns does not remain the same way if one cannot even access it at all which is the root of all evil. The central body has tall the control and can judge if you can access your wealth. Pomp suggests that only bitcoin can lead us out of this messy system and is the last resort which must be catered for as soon as possible. BlockPublisher got the chance to discuss the matter with the man himself collecting his take over the country’s request getting denied to begin with that put the focus over the discourse.

Venezuela’s request to withdraw its own gold of worth $1.2 billion from the Bank of England getting denied is the reason we should turn to bitcoin and the crypto system of financial transaction. This is another down for the Bankers and the banking system not letting the individuals to access their wealth.

Though the news of the request getting rejected has been reported to being fresh over the November of 2018, Pomp showers light as it has resurfaced again this month. Although there is another take over why Venezuela is not being allowed access to its own gold, Pomp states that nobody should be halted from accessing their own monetary assets. As an answer to a similar situation Pomp responded that apart from the situation with Venezuela, one must be held back from accessing their reserved assets at all.

The point is that no one else should be able to tell you what to do with your money.

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