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There is No Unified Vision for Crypto Describes a Blockchain Engineer, Preethi Kasireddy‏

A blockchain engineer, Preethi Kasireddy‏, set the facts about the crypto right, clearing the air that crypto cannot be restricted under a brief school of thought. Crypto is a diverse entity that has been described quite differently by various people and analysts. It has been used for different purposes and has yielded different meaning for different people. As everyone has the born right to express him/herself the way he/she sees fit, we have had a fair large number of the crypto concepts from an immense number of sources.

The blockchain engineer is not willing to dig into the concepts deeper as we have not reached that part of the process as of yet but we do have to bring the change within ourselves and place our share to the building concept that is obviously cryptocurrencies. BlockPublisher got the air of the decent comments from the engineer which were re-enacted by the person as following:

Etching a restrained vision for crypto is not a decent job as it hinders others from adding value from their part. We are different people having contrasting school of thoughts which must be presented and taken into account, differently.

Cryptos have always been under a microscope titled as being the corporate, evil judger. Regulating and government authorities fear cryptos for a very significant reason as per the origins of the crypto, to begin with. Although we see the entire new concepts of cryptos today, being divided into the centralized and decentralized ones, the beginnings were purely decentralized featuring the technology of blockchain. Being the blockchain engineer, Preethi Kasireddy‏ is well aware that the blockchain started off with all the rebellious vibes around it thought to bear the potential of toppling the governments and similar stuff which to our surprise, some people even think today. 

Though most of such concepts have faded with time as more cryptos jumped in and created crypto for the grand genesis bitcoin sparing other things for the analysts to worry and talk about. The incumbent institutions keep their fair distance from cryptos. Preethi states the very unfinished status of the crypto market that it still needs to be added up in value which only diversifying it can do. Though we still have some of the products that were started bearing links with either the dark web or cybercriminal groups, the newer era has given them a way to be re-introduced and with other people opening their minds to it.

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhaou, puts his words right for the very topic relating that useless debates yield us nothing but ignite all the wrong fires, adding fuel to it rather than adding pure value.

Instead of entering useless debates by talking, let’s do stuff to prove them wrong, by creating value. Creating value wins in the end in most debates.

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