The Cryptos in Trouble!

The crypto-space has had its highs and lows this year. As we approach the end of 2018 it makes all the sense in the world to closely look at how the cryptos have performed this year. The thing is, the crypto-space tries its best to sugarcoat all the bad pills. Little do they know, we’ve done our research and dug up all the dirty trends and factors just for you.

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears! We bring you the worst performing cryptos of 2018:

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Ever heard about it? To make it quick and short. It’s a crypto-backed hybrid blockchain platform. It’s the best of both blockchain and the mainstream world. A super clever and interesting marking pitch allowed Qtum to establish a high token value. Any guesses on the value? We’ll let you keep guessing. Jk! The token had a value of $82.66 in Janaury. Damn son!

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But, it wasn’t all fun and games for too long. It suffered a 93.9% loss! We’re kind of left speechless. What the hell went wrong? It lost its shine because of its decreasing performances and challenges increased for Qtum every day. There was obviously a drastic drop in the number of transactions as well while the mining dropped to the ground too. Sure, in the beginning things were on the right track. But, the end of the year has proven to be disastrous for this crypto.


New Economic Movement (NEM) began as an innovatory blockchain project for enterprises. It’s actually the work of a Japanese firm and has received significant financial support from investors. Interesting fact? The XEM tokens were sold at an initial rate of $0.00023107.

All its early investors received 68,537.3% profit by the end of 2015. Yeah, it’s a lot of numbers and decimals. What can we say? We believe in precision and authenticity! It’s very important in the crypto-world. After all it’s all about being good with the digits!

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But, nothing lasts forever! XEM failed and its value dropped in the 2018 market dramatically.


Icon (ICX) just like Ether, is actually a crypto-native to a blockchain project named ICON. Unfortunately, it has suffered the most at the hands of the bearish market sentiment. Everything was going pretty well for it, it was all rainbows and unicorns.

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There was steady development, a reliable, efficient and good team and even a goal to interconnect different blockchains. But, it was written in its fate to fall! ICX is somehow one of the most underachieving crypto-assets of 2018, with a negated 90% return for its early investors. It’s currently trading at a $0.61 from its all time $12. Yeap, the crypto-world never fails to surprise us!


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The success of native coins depends on their blockchain ecosystem. For now Ripple and Ethereum are the most promising blockchain projects in the crypto-verse. The demands of decentralized solutions is growing more than ever. 2019 is going to be the year where more blockchain projects will hit the market. All the newbie projects could learn from the worst-performing cryptos and help themselves if they really want to escape their downfall.

Sure, the crypto-market hasn’t been applauded and adopted by many. Once there is proper regulation and we believe it will happen in 2019. More blockchain projects will surface with better chances of surviving. Fingers crossed!

Do you have any predictions for 2019? Let us know below!

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