Team CyberMiles is Hosting Their MainNet Conference Tomorrow

CyberMiles have launched their MainNet, consistent with their road map goals. The team is holding a MainNet conference tomorrow to talk about the technical specs, new possibilities created by the launch and much more.

It has been a great month for CyberMiles as it has gotten all the spotlight and growth. The reasons being the Genesis Validator program, the wallet launch, and most importantly, the MainNet launch. Their partnerships with huge crypto names for their super node program and the support from notable exchanges for their CMT swap has garnered a lot of attention from crypto world.

CyberMiles, the e-commerce pioneers on blockchain, launched their MainNet on 15th of October with an announcement a month back to swap the ERC20 tokens to the native MainNet CMTs. This token swap was supported by a number of notable exchanges like Binance, Cobinhood etc. This support pointed towards the adoption of the e-commerce blockchain, the currency and brought it into spotlight. Talking to BlockPublisher, the VP of communications of CyberMiles, Mark Brinkerhoff said regarding the support from exchanges,

Exchanges like Binance and Bithumb bring visibility to what we’re doing (i.e. a public blockchain for e-commerce) as well as help legitimize CyberMiles within the crypto community. We anticipate that these early adopters, in turn, will help spread word-of-mouth adoption and, ultimately, more mainstream adoption of blockchain technology as we (and others) introduce more practical applications.

CyberMiles have achieved their road map goals all on their anticipated times. They also envision to cross their technological benchmarks which include their claim about reaching 10,000 tps, which is in fact a lot faster than Ethereum, almost incomparable. Their website shows the comparisons of computational power of CM with Ethereum blockchain

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Talking about the long term goals of CyberMiles relating to utility and incentivization, CyberMiles told BlockPublisher that their priority was the provision of better utility and a faster blockchain experience, which is secure, free and smart. Further explaining their views on the subject they stated in an email,

We prefer to emphasize utility over inventivization since the former is ultimately what people—and businesses—will find the most value: that we’re smarter, faster, safer, free. With CyberMiles we’ve created “smart business contracts,” taking the best of smart contracts, DApps, etc. but vastly improving on them for real-world businesses and their real-time transaction processing and operational needs.

Talking about the goals that CyberMiles has post the MainNet launch, Mark said,

Beyond engaging more with the developer community (via hackathons, for instance), we’re gearing up to announce the next chapter of CyberMiles’ growth and development so stay tuned for more.

Looking at the e-commerce experience, utility of the blockchain and the potential of the CMT token, it is hoped that CyberMiles will reach their post MainNet launch goals consistent with their plans.

Shehryar Hasan

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