‘TaTaTu’ is Here to Decentralize Your TV

Who would’ve known that the blockchain tech had the potential to decentralize more than just the traditional banking system? The age of decentralization has begun and it is transforming everything in its wake.

And while you thought that Netflix and YouTube are the pinnacle of a more customer centric entertainment platform, I would like to stop you there. The truth is that these platforms still remain centralized and while we might think that the services we love and use are free of charge, they are still getting something out of viewership, whether we are aware of it or not.

The entire system is based on ‘quid pro quo’. There are ad-based platforms like YouTube offering free content in exchange for almost-constant ad consumption. Then there are cable television dinosaurs bundling cable TV with Internet & phone services to try and keep a sinking industry afloat. Finally, there are online subscription-based platforms that constantly compete among each other and if you are like me, you probably bought a Hulu subscription when The Mindy Project continued on it.

The way you “Netflix and chill” might be changed forever with the blockchain tech and despite your initial apprehensions you are not going to hate this change. The TaTaTu platform actually rewards its users for watching and further sharing its content. It’s like the dream! You literally get paid to watch TV.

The idea behind TaTaTu was conceived by Andrea Iervolino, a film producer who has a rather impressive resume of successful films such as, The Merchant of Venice and To the Bone. With such a track record in the entertainment industry the Andrea, lends authenticity to the platform.

TaTaTu is basically a reward-based entertainment and social media platform that provides its users wit an array of digital content, ranging from films to popular TV shows.

TaTaTu rewards the whole ecosystem


On the already existing entertainment platforms, the user provides attention for free in exchange for free access to the platform. TaTaTu takes this concept a step further, where users are recognized as part of the ecosystem and are rewarded for sharing their data and for fueling this economy.

The platform offers the opportunity of uploading original content, which is not just limited to videos but includes photos as well. Further more it also lets the users comment on posts and chat with friends on the channel.

Content providers

It is widely accepted that one of the biggest issues affecting the entertainment industry of today is online content piracy. Which is why TaTaTu is building out a Digital Rights Manager (DRM) tool using the blockchain tech. What it does is it allows content providers, along with producers and distributors locate and enforce the distribution and viewing rights to their movies with ease.


It’s not that TaTaTu has no link to the advertisers anymore; the case is that anybody, who uses the platform openly, accepts a relationship with the advertisers however, they get rewarded for it.  The difference with TaTaTu is that users engage with brands in complete knowledge of how their data and preferences are helping inform advertising.

The TaTaTu token

The platform has developed its own utility tokens in order for the harmonious ecosystem to work. The TTU token enables a liquid economy based on a fluid value distribution and transparency. The tokens have four major utilities.

  1. It will be the sole medium through which advertisers can purchase ads on the platform.
  2. Entertainment professionals will have to use the tokens in order to access the DRM.
  3. Rewards are solely in the form of TTU tokens.
  4. With the TTU tokens, the users can purchase merchandise from the TaTaTu E-commerce.

Earlier in June, TaTaTu was able to pull off the world’s third largest ICO, earning over $500 Million.

The response is further validation that our model of acquiring and producing our own content mixed with rewarding users with TTU tokens to watch that content on the platform will benefit everyone — including content holders, users, brands and advertisers

Said Andrea.

On July 1, 2018, TaTaTu kicked off the public beta of its platform. The company issued a press release later in the month announcing that it plans on giving away free TTU tokens worth $50 million to the first 200,000 registered users.

New users can sign up on the official company website to join the public beta. The tokens can be used starting this October. Moreover, TaTaTu has also assured its users that once they earn more than 200 /TTU tokens, the total fund will be transferred to their Ethereum wallet.

You can read the whitepaper here.

Abeer Anwaar

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