Prepaway – All You Need to Know About (ISC)² CISSP Certification and Its Exam

The main aim of cybersecurity is to protect the computer systems from intrusion and secure the valuable data stored in them. Cybersecurity is vital in ensuring that computer systems offer stable and quality services. Today, cybersecurity specialists are in high demand so it is worth trying to become certified in this field. The high demand for cybersecurity experts is due to the fact that the Internet, computer systems and wireless networks depend on many activities. A cybersecurity expert is supposed to be skilled in programming, intrusion detection, cloud security, security analysis and analysis of malware.

Overview of (ISC)² CISSP Certification

(ISC)² is the abbreviation of the International Information System Security Certification Consortium. (ISC)² is a non-profit organization which offers training and certification to cybersecurity professionals. The credentials include Certified Authorization Professional (CAP), Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) and more.

In this article, we will talk about PrepAway.com – Certified Information Systems Security Professional. (ISC)² CISSP certification together with the corresponding exam are offered to experienced security practitioners and executives such as security managers, security and network architects and IT managers.

CISSP certification is recognized by a lot of employers and organizations. The credential mainly focuses on these eight areas:

  • Risk management and security
  • Security engineering
  • Asset security
  • Security testing and assessment
  • Access and identity management
  • Network and communications security
  • Software development security
  • Security operations

Once you do this exam and pass, you will be competent in these areas.

To be eligible for CISSP certification and exam, you need to have at least four years of accumulative paid job experience in 2 or more of the 8 domains mentioned above. A four-year degree from a college or its equivalent or an additional credential included in the (ISC)² list is equivalent to an experience of one year. If you have not achieved the experience needed for CISSP, you have a chance to take the CISSP exam and then become an associate (ISC)². The Associate of (ISC)² spends six years in attaining the required experience needed for CISSP certification.

Exam information

Computerized Adaptive Testing, also known as CAT, is applied in all CISSP exams in English. CISSP exam in any other language is given as linear and fixed-form exam.

The duration of CISSP CAT exam is 3 hours (180 minutes). The number of questions on the test varies from 100 to 150. On the other hand, CISSP linear exam which is available in German, French, Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese, lasts for 6 hours and contains 250 assessment items. The items in CISSP exam are either multiple-choice or innovative questions. You must score above 700 points out of the possible 1000 to pass the test. The average cost of CISSP exam is around $680.

Benefits of taking (ISC)² CISSP exam

(ISC)² CISSP certification will enable you to become universally recognized. For instance, with CISSP certification, you can join international IT organizations such as Google and IBM. If you are already working, CISSP certification will result in a job promotion, pay rise as well as more job responsibilities and roles. The average salary of a cybersecurity expert who is CISSP certified is $97,100.

CISSP certification and exam will equip you with valuable knowledge and skills. Women are encouraged to apply for CISSP certification since only about 9% of all Information System Security professionals are females.

The popularity of CISSP certification

The reason why CISSP certification is popular nowadays is that it focuses on information security, which is an essential skill for the 21st century. A certified professional will have no problems working with other security professionals. Many cybersecurity experts recommend CISSP certification to their juniors.

Tips to pass CISSP exam

As we have seen, you need to attain a minimum of 700 out of the possible 1000 marks in this exam. Passing this test is not a walk in the park. The most important requirement for passing CISSP exam is having the necessary experience. Then you need to prepare yourself well by doing a thorough revision. There are CISSP certification exam revision materials, tutorials and online channels. Also, before you start your test, you should read the instructions carefully.

The best web resources for CISSP certification and its exam

If you are looking for CISSP exam dumps, you should visit Prepaway, PrepAway and ExamCollection websites. CISSP certification dumps you will find on these platforms are very helpful in passing this critical exam. CISSP exam dumps have questions which were created by previous exam takers and they can be downloaded as collections. The questions you will find in the exam dumps have a high probability of appearing in the exams.

For example, CISSP preparation files you will download from Prepaway website can be opened using VCE Player. Here you will find free and paid files with updated questions and answers which are checked by information technology experts. The Prepaway website offers the VCE Player subscription for smartphones (both Android and iPhone), Windows and Mac OS. You can use your smartphone or any other device to access the site and download training materials.


To get CISSP certification, you have to successfully pass CISSP exam. This article has offered the best sites and places to find CISSP exam preparation tips and resources. To clear your CISSP test, you can use exam dumps and enroll in (ISC)² CISSP training course. It is also important to be disciplined and arrive at the testing center some time before the exam. Remember that obtaining CISSP certification from (ISC)² is a great way to succeed in the cybersecurity field. We wish you good luck!

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