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Nestle Joins The Blockchain Bandwagon, Ensures Traceability of Products

The Swiss lifestyle MNC, Nestle also wants to be part of the growth and expansion of blockchain technology to further it’s own goals of providing traceability of its food items and products for both consumers and suppliers.

Nestlé aims to expand this by working on “decentralized databases” in collaboration with the “IBM Food Trust” project. Nestle’s Blockchain head, Benjamin Dubois said in an interview with the AWP news agency,  “Blockchain technology is designed to meet consumer demand for more transparency.”

The aim is simple; that companies and consumers will be able to access and view data regarding products within seconds as compared to outdated and slower query options. The project is in it’s first initial tester phase with the QR code being widely tested according to Dubois. The code would not only give details such as who manufactured it but also regarding it’s processing date or it’s components.

One of the first and arguably the most vital of it’s products up for testing are it’s range of baby porridge but Nestle plans to extend the project to other products. Besides aiding the consumer, the technology also aims to quicker classification of supply chain issues or issues like spoiled food items.

According to the brand, “The goal is full visibility in real time.”

The French-Swiss consumer association FRC supports Nestle’s initiative as FRC secretary-general,Sophie Michaud explains, “The traceability of products meets a strong consumer demand.”

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