MobileGo Is Unhappy and so are Its Ex-Workers

MobileGo has announced plans for dealing all kinds of rumors and attacks on the company. An agenda is adopted to prevent any damage to company’s reputation or business. Company has mentioned all related information on its channel. One of the twitter user revealed the message that was sent to the users on MobileGo’s channel.

Company has opted lawyers to deal with all kinds of matters. Besides people’s immature demands, false claims and rumors in media will also be handled by the lawyers. Company was found very sardonic on the malicious attempts made by people. It has further expressed the amount of money allotted for processes of litigation. It clarified that ‘huge budget’ was reserved for pursuing matters by the book to maintain legal protection. The company further mentioned that it will remain steadfast by focusing on its goals and businesses although many  people thwarted their smooth work flow.

Background of the company

Samad Sajanlal, a cryptocurrency and blockchain consultant, shared his views on the experience he had while working with the creators of MobileGo (MGO). He had contributed to GAME by updating its network and recovering it from a severe bug. He worked as a open source developer for GAME and later he visited Belgrade where he found out the true insights of the company. He’s has been affiliated with GAME and MGO for a while and therefore, he narrated his journey and his findings over there.

He gave the historical background of GAME and MGO. He told that GameCredits was struggling initially to become a successful currency for the gaming world. According to him, Datcroft , run by Sergey and Maxim Sholom, approached GAME to help the company by promising to make it a widely accepted game currency. He continued that Datcroft has not fulfilled the promises it made to GameCredits. Instead, in 2017, Datcroft launched its own ICO, MobileGo, which aimed to serve in eSports tournaments.

Next, he explained the meeting called by Maxim Sholom to discuss the failures of cryptocurrency. At the meeting, Jack Kuveke, the volunteer communications specialist for GameCredits, was blamed along with many others for the failure. Surprisingly, after blaming, every person was either offered to work for MGO or was said that he/she wouldn’t be paid at GAME. Sajanlal stated his observation after going through the entire meeting:

The Sholoms are looking to fire all the developers and use them as a scapegoat for the failure of MGO and GAME to sustain price levels.

After that, Sajanlal talked about the ultimatum given by Maxim & Sergey to all GameCredits employees. The ultimatum stated “if your guys want to be in the foundation so badly, leave your equipment and get out”, this compelled people to leave in order to avoid any unpleasant circumstances. Finally, he concludes that due to severe circumstances, people had to leave GNation. Furthermore, some of them united to implement original vision of GameCredits under a non-profit venture, GameCredits Foundation.

Jack Kuveke has also shared his journey with GameCredits while simultaneously revealing the the internal affairs of the company. He believed in the idea of GameCredits as a universal currency for the gaming industry but noticed that circumstances change after the MobileGo crowdsale. To begin with, Sholom brothers Sergey and Maxim took over as CEO and Product Director/Financial Director. Besides this, he mentioned appointment of Alex Migitko as the COO, prompting idea of GNation as peculiar too.

Jack explained that GameCredits team was alarmed when it got to know that GameCredits and MobileGo currencies weren’t going to be used extensively in the Mobile Store (GPlay) or GShare. The team was making efforts to do the converse and that’s why after seeing the deviation from its original mission, it got shocked. Later, Jack claimed that he wasn’t even getting paid for his work and efforts. He continued under the hardships of working tirelessly without getting paid. He also suggested Sergey to use the ICO funds raised for the purposes set forth in the Whitepaper road. Finally, he confirmed the split of team members from the company due to several hardships that ultimately led to the formation of GameCredits Foundation. He left everything then to work for GameCredits Foundation.

The reviews by Sanjalal and Jack were shared after they left MobileGo and Sholom brothers. They told their reasons for leaving and it can be seen that both of them had mutual reasons for finding their ex-workplace uncomfortable.

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