“Maximalism Is, Identifying Only One Form Of Blockchain And One Form Of Money As Legitimate”, Explains The CEO Of ShapeShift

The chief executive officer for ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees draws our attention to a particular behavioural phenomenon, that being Maximalism, which is a school of thought as Voorhees states, that renders people to draw the conclusion that there should be only one blockchain that will serve solely for a single form of money, that being any crypto that bears the best potential among all of the cryptos that we see emerging out in the crypto market on a daily basis. The singularity however brings peace to a system but it can hinder all the innovation and the evolution the system can go through otherwise. Chaos, as Voorhees suggests, gives way to evolution to strike the chaos down. But if chaos is not there, things remain primitive benefitting much lesser. Though there have been other remarks from a number of crypto analysts about the concept of maximalism, Voorhees seems to present it as the end game that crypto developers must bear in their minds. BlockPublisher got the chance to discuss this very concept with the man himself and dig further into the concept evaluating what must be the values for cryptos going forward.

Maximalism is the concept which refers to acknowledging a single sort of blockchain and a single form of money that can be turned official for the public to use. People might have various adaptations to this concept but a single form of money can do the trick as it lacks the other scamming bootlegs.

Voorhees states that the end when the dust settles, only a single coin will be the lucrative outcome of the whole crypto hassle and the evolution will present only a single sturdiest progeny which will rule the entire financial market. He suggests that there are many cryptos that are worth our while and are worth putting as the contenders for being the perfect supplants for the fiats.

Most coins are stupid or scams, I agree. Most startups fail. Most ideas are bad. That is very different than saying, “only one coin can ever have real utility”

The founder of Bitcoinxio, David Shares has his own definition of maximalism which is rather controversial and can draw much heat for Shares.

Maximalism: The idea that decentralization is extremely important but stagnate growth at 1MB limit so that only a limited number of people can use it without creating an artificial fee market that destroys all utility.

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