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Jimmy Song Takes Yet Another Shot At Dr. Craig S. Wright Commenting That One Should Admit They Are Not Bitcoin

The crypto analyst and enthusiast, Jimmy Song, gives out remarks about Dr. Craig S. Wright taking another shot at the man. Jimmy Song predicts that there will be another branding of the BCH or BSV adding in more features, most likely privacy. This would be due to the some people who think that they are the next bitcoin and can handle the torch without being even passed the same torch. This is a direct reference to Dr. Craig S. Wright and his creation which is a forked coin out of the bitcoin cash, the bitcoin SV. Song suggests the some people will have to surrender as per their wrong directions and thoughts and then and only then will we be able to buck up and add up to what those people have been cooking. BlockPublisher got to talk to Song in order to get some taste of the undirected bout between the two groups, one being the cheerer of the native decentralization, the other being the concepts that Dr. Craig S. Wright holds.

In the near future, there will be a rebranding of BCH or BSV adding additional features, most likely “privacy” or something else trending at the time. But this will only be possible if some people stop taking themselves as bitcoin and give up their wrong intentions for the cryptos.

The statement has been directed towards not only Dr. Craig Wright but also Roger Ver, the later being the creator of BCH. The folks have gathered themselves quite an audience and boast that their system would be the new bitcoin of the generation piling up the latest necessities of the crypto markets. This has made some of the crypto public quite cheered up while most of the people who vouch for the native trends have been taking shots at the bitcoin cash forking personalities.

Song states that the forked coins are bound to fail and will need newer protocols to keep them alive. This will be the time when these personalities will eventually admit that what they have built is certainly not bitcoin and is no nearer to the genesis bitcoin.

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