How Does Axie Infinity Work? Do You Enjoy Looking Down Upon All Others!

So yes, while i love games i have so many issues with them. I sometimes get sick of the games and how they are limited in use, they can only be played on consoles or computers or phones, there is great intertextuality in games and popular games come in oh so many freaking editions, but it is still not real enough.

Virtual reality is changing it for me. I am a self proclaimed gaming nerd. I love games. But, still the best game of all time, DOTA had me swooning with its community more than its game and i could never understand if i like the idea of these games more or playing them.

Crypto and blockchain games are good in terms of their reach. They are not limited to nations where the game is launched or licensed for, they are not limited in terms of currency and buying places. They are bought using cryptos and earning cryptos is easy. If not easy then at least possible.

This takes gaming to a whole new level of globalization and world change. It is like opening the flood gates. Now with these crypto collectibles everybody could buy them, despite their class, gender or geographic region. It is a free world after all now. So in the era of raving ccollectibles here’s one that i found of particular cuteness and hook-ability.

Axie Infinity is centered around collecting, raising, breeding, and battling fantasy creatures called Axies.

These creatures come in many forms: they can resemble cats, birds, and fish, and some might even have Dragon genes hiding in their DNA. Players will interact and power-up their Axies through minigames, quests, contests, and special in-game events.

Axie Infinity uses the ever so popular Ethereum Blockchain to run. This helps in ensuring open, transparent ownership and a liquid, secure marketplace. The blockchain is what a lot of other games have sworn by. They allow users to ‘own’ the DNA or the hash for the pet. The hash continues to update and the pet keeps growing.

The transparent, guaranteed ownership and game rules are basically now unchangeable as they are implemented and ingrained in the smart contract of the game. This means that they game structure is ready and it will not bend for anyone. The makers can not shut it down and the players can not find ways around it to defraud it.

The game is such a dream. It has a customized land. It has the cutest art pieces for pets. The pets have a lot characteristics. The characteristics are the cutest amalgamation of their lineage and DNA. The owner has the right to own the DNA or the code of the pet. What more could i ask for?

Such games are the future of gaming. Virtual reality was never this better. We are excited, are you? I mean, who isn’t! Cheers to the makers.

The game play is ever expanding and maybe our opinions could help shape it, what would you like to add?

Khunsha Javed

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