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Here’s How Bitcoin Is Better Than Kim Kardashian’s First Playboy Shoot

Have You SEEN It? Have you! Trust us you need to see it. Play with caution and proceed with attention, Y’all. Maybe then you will understand.

Playboy has a reputation. Huge circulation, a huge brand, everybody knows the rabbit logo is not just for animal cruelty,  people know what they are buying when the cover hits the market, the glossy pages are worth the advertisements, and this magazine is never ever going out of business.

Kim Kardashian is a hottie famous for being famous, hot for being hot, and nasty for being mentally strong. While we love a feisty woman we are all for a good Playboy shoot. Bearing in mind that the artist is always the king and no means no. For her first Playboy shoot, she says no to revealing what she thinks and feels is too much and that being said, she loves the shoot for what it turned out to be.

There are two things that are wrong with the shoot when you look at it now:

  1. It is outdated, old and our aesthetics have improved over time.
  2. Kim Kardashian has improved over time and back then, she was, well, not quite the master of her trade and her Paris Hilton debitage hadn’t yet brushed off.

Bitcoin is always better. We all remember how last year was a great year for us bitcoin enthusiasts because it got Kim K a big fat, shiny gold Bitcoin as a gift for a poker night. This meant a huge deal for people globally. Kim Kardashian has gotten slick over time. While her Playboy shoot was beautiful and exciting back in the day, it does not much now, perhaps her red carpet dresses and entries with Kanye do a lot more than the Playboy cover.

The difference in the shape of desire and aesthetics of hair makeup, clothes and anything that is sultry has changed today, while this whole fuss is in a way saying that Kim K is right to be commodified, we mean something very different, today the symbol of desire is no longer women only, it is men, women, cisgender and LGBTQI+ alike. Although the violence that it brings to women, the oppression and the intensity of the issue are more towards females the commodification is everywhere. Bitcoin does not commodify, it satisfies, it is not old, it quite the bar for aesthetics and beauty that the age of tech has brought. So we like Kim K better with bitcoin than with Playboy.

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