Google Play Pulls MetaMask Crypto Malware After A Tip From A Cyber security Firm

Scams and fraudulent practices are a part of every business and industry. Now, according to cyber security firm Eset, for the first time, Google Play became a victim due to a sneaky malware that portrayed itself as the decentralized application, MetaMask which is available on Google Play.

After a prompt from Eset that the malware was replacing clipboard information as a method of stealing cryptocurrency from MetaMask’s users, Google made sure it was removed from it’s domain.

This particular type of malware is known as a “Clipper” which swaps user’s cyrpto wallet addresses with a scammer’s in an attempt to secretly withdraw the funds to another account without anyone actually noticing.

According to the cyber security firm, this incident was the first time in Google Play’s history that any malware had broken through their security procedures.

Eset made this statement regarding the issue, “The clipper we found lurking in the Google Play store, detected by ESET security solutions as Android/Clipper.C, impersonates a legitimate service called MetaMask. ”


“The malware’s primary purpose is to steal the victim’s credentials and private keys to gain control over the victim’s Ethereum funds. However, it can also replace a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet address copied to the clipboard with one belonging to the attacker.”

Unfortunately this isn’t MetaMask’s first rodeo when it comes to scams, as just last year, Google removed the app from Google Play giving way to fake lookalikes. However, MetaMask later reported that this has actually been just a big misunderstanding.


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