GameCredits: The Blockchain Future of Online Gaming

It is high time that the gaming community starts taking interest in the blockchain boom. Believe it or not, the two have found common grounds and are combining their forces to revolutionize the world of online gaming. So all you gaming nerds pay attention. There is a cryptocurrency project that wants to become the single payment solution for the online gaming industry and it goes by the name of GameCredits (GAME).

With an aim to become the universal currency for 2.6 billion gamers worldwide and to empower game developers both big and small to further the growth of the 100 billion dollar gaming industry, GameCredits wants to accelerate the wide adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies as a better alternative to government-issued fiat currency.

The GameCredits Ecosystem

The GameCredits ecosystem gives priority to developers and players over vendors, distributors and other middlemen. Through this model ecosystem and in the pursuit of becoming a universal gaming currency, the team behind GAME hopes to liberate the gaming landscape from uneven profit distribution.

At its very core the GameCredits ecosystem is focused on brining a more convenient gaming experience to players worldwide and producing, a more impartial revenue model for developers.

Benefits for Gamers

For gamers, the currency aims to provide,

  • Easy payment integration
  • High deposit limits
  • Multi-currency deposit option (GAME and other cryptocurrencies)
  • A transferable currency across multiple games and platforms
  • Blockchain security for in game purchases
  • Inclusive e-sports events for quick matchups and fast payouts

Basically, the gamers will have a payment method for all their favorite games, a payment system that reassures accessibility and security.

Benefits for Developers

GameCredits has the potential to offer developers quite impressive benefits.

  • Quicker payment processing time
  • User base scalability
  • Robust fraud protection and blockchain backed security
  • Greater commission for game sales
  • Cross-promotion with other games

More Power to the Gaming Sector 

One of the interesting aspects of GameCredits is that the team has particularly identified the growth sectors within the gaming industry to focus on. Like fantasy sports betting, mobile gaming and E-sports monetization systems. These are all expansions to the previous focus of gaming ecosystems. This rather advanced approach should serve GameCredits well in its future, as game developers shift towards new ventures due to the blockchain tech.

GameCredits Joint Ventures

One of the deals that GameCredits has signed is with the major game engine provider, Unity. It is famous for supporting popular mobile games, which include, the addictive Temple Run and Heartstone. . Unity’s developers will be able to build payment infrastructure for their games using the GameCredits platform.

It has also recently announced a deal with FanDuel, the major fantasy sports platform. This will let users earn GAME tokens as they play the Football World Cup on the FanDuel service. This move will provide extensive promotion for GAME and FanDuel will further its exposure from the already six million members it caters to.

The Komodo Integration

In order to tackle one of the concerning issues that plague relatively smaller Proof-of-Work networks, GAME has announced integration with the Komodo blockchain. The issue they are trying to eliminate is the double-spend attacks. Through this integration Komodo miners will ‘notarize’ blocks created on the GameCredits network, thus creating a delayed proof-of-work style system.

MobileGo: The Close Cousin

MobileGo (MGO) is the ecosystem’s tokenized solution to mobile gaming and is the close cousin of GameCredits. MobileGo functions for smartphone, tablet, and mobile games, the same way GameCredits functions for the entire video game landscape. It is basically an attempt to unite gamers and developers under the umbrella of a single currency and platform.

Platform users will have the opportunity to host decentralized gaming tournaments through MobileGo.  And unlike professional e-sports tournaments for any mobile game registered in the GameCredits app store. These events will cater to players hailing from different skill levels. What this will do is break down the barriers that professional e-sports have made for amateur gamers.

The Team

GameCredits Team

You can read the whitepaper here. 

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