FunFair’s First Phase of Mainnet Beta Testing Finishes With 200,000+ Betting Rounds

FunFair, a platform aimed at providing a blockchain-based online gaming ecosystem, has finished its first phase of mainnet beta testing. The initial phase included over 100 participants and the entire testing process took weeks to get completed.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding the time frame for the big mainnet launch, the FunFair team stated:

More info this week with release target by end of this month.

FunFair Technologies aims at deploying the very first version of its platform FunFair later this month.

In the initial phase of testing, over 4,400 sessions were played by the community testers. More than 232,000 rounds of betting took pace on the mainnet across the Showcase platform. As per the exact details revealed by the company, over 17,000 spins of the roulette wheel, 20,000 hands of blackjack and and 100,000 spins of the two slot titles took place during the testing phase of the mainnet.

Community testers of the platform also helped the company build its KYC solution, FunPass. FunPass is essentially a streamlined and a vivid registration process for both the players and the casino operators on the platform employing the blockchain technology at its core. After the registration, the ethereum wallet specified by the user is tagged on the blockchain within a matter of seconds. Through this pass, players are also provided with the ease of usage regarding their jumps between different casinos running on the FunFair platform. User feedback has also been an essential factor in streamlining FunPass as suggested by the company.

FunFair seems to be very community-oriented regarding its feedback. It is announced by the company that it will continue on with its beta testing of the platform. The future iterations of the platform are also expected to be tested through the betas. It is stated by the company that it will call upon its community in the future again for the purpose of QA testing.

FunFair is essentially a blockchain-based online gaming platform that employs fate channel technology at its core in order to make faster processing on the network possible. Games run at a much faster rate in a secure ecosystem. Now, how the company moves forwards with its beta testings and the mainnet launch remains to be seen.

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