FortuneJack Many Cryptos, 3000 BTC games!

Bitcoin Casinos are all the rave. But, there are others too, all in one!

Yes i’d like me some game that pays my winnings in true currency, but this game must be played from the confines of my house, at the subway, at my office, anywhere at all. This is possible and this is the beauty of our days!

We have all heard of the amazing Bitcoin Lotteries and Dice games, here is another one them, another format, super cool but also super classic.

FortuneJack offers players a world class online casino experience.

The design is on point, the game is user friendly, you could tell that somebody put in their heart to make it happen! There are surprises, bonuses and reload promos within the game. The kind of casino that has it all, if there is anything that you could ask more for it is a lot of bitcoins on our hand to play!

FortuneJack is turning out to be a leader in the space, it stands out in terms of its popularity and player count because of its simply and carefully woven structure.

FortuneJack is a popular casino, with nearly 777,000 BTC wagered (roughly $5bn) as of November 2018, not too bad for a Bitcoin casino perhaps.  Considering that some competitors only have around 200,000 BTC wagered or less on their sites, this is one of the bigger fish in the BTC Casino-Land.

It first came out in 2014 and in no time it has positioned itself as one of the industry leaders by claiming itself and having bespoke game trials at various events. It is 100% provably fair. This you can test for yourself, i could not believe it either, but tech is bringing on newer principles to live by.

Fortune Jack is a pure cryptocurrency brand. Although it is not limited to bitcoin but it is dominated by the world’s most loved coin. It offers customers to make payments by any currency, well, several if not every.

Deposits can be made using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Clam, Dash, Peercoin, Namecoin, Reddcoin, and Monero.

The site also links people to Indacoin. This is for those who have not previously bought any cryptos. Indacoin is a quick way to purchase Bitcoin.

It has a small exchange, so you can get the crypto you want inside of the website without any hassle. The minimum withdrawal amount is currently set at 0.001BTC or its equivalent in other currencies. The withdrawal of almost any number of Bitcoins is easy.

Withdrawals are fast enough despite what people will have you believe. This makes it a good partner to FortuneJack! We all gotta know when to quit the casino bro, gotta quit when you are wining! That is when the time’s good!

P2P transfer helps in tipping people or if you want to transfer funds onto another account easily. No pressure, do what you gotta do! No questions asked! No Big Muscular man in a black tux, Bluetooth or a walkie-talkie on his pant and bodyguard shades trying to judge you or intimidate you as you try to quit. I like it!

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