Fly Through Blockchain!

Don’t you just absolutely dread airports when it takes forever to board the plane? All the security checks and paperwork involved can be extremely annoying. Do you know what the problem is? The entire data exchange process is super time consuming and insecure too. Most airlines and airports still use outdated methods of information collection and distribution.

To create a seamless and secure travel experience, blockchain technology can be used to streamline data sharing in airports. Making the entire traveling process much smoother for all everyone. Isn’t that great?

Customer Experience

Traveling information is needed by the airlines from the passenger from the moment they arrive o the airport till their departure time. Data should be secured and exchanged among internal and external airport operations. Each airport may use a different software which means data reconciling process is time taking and frustrating.

The biggest problem faced by the airlines is the decision making process when the travel plan of airline changes. Flight delays and overbooked flight are common mishaps which can be a cause of chaos for everyone. The airline and the travellers. It’s a nightmare! However, smart contracts can improve customer experience and cost-effectiveness of the services provided by the airlines. So, no more nightmares and it’ll all be chaotic-free process. Sounds good to us!

No More Flight Delays

World’s leading information technology and airport communications specialists SITA, has solved the biggest issue faced by the travelers. We’re talking about flight delays. The most annoying thing ever when you’re traveling. It uses Ethereum protocol and smart contracts to create a Blockchain platform for you. SITA lab designed “FlightChain.” A private blockchain to track over two million flights and th trials have started.

The Swap

The first major global carrier is Delta Air Lines that will be replacing customer loyalty with the digital currency. The customers will be rewarded with Ethereum tokens, which will improve the security of the exchange and the passengers will be able to see their loyalty points. Similarly, Singapore Airlines will also launch a blockchain based passenger loyalty app. How exciting is that?

Where’s My Baggage

The Blockchain technology can also make it possible for the passengers to track their own baggage at all times without any worries. So, no more unnecessary stress about losing your baggage and spending hours at the airport finding it. Airlines have started researching on how blockchain can improve cargo and baggage tracking. This will not only help the passengers but also the airlines as they don’t have to go through the trouble of finding misplaced or exchanged baggages. We think that’s a win-win for all!

Gateless Immigration

Creating an effortless airport experience for travelers has always been a major goal for the airlines. ObjectTech, A United Kingdom-based tech firm tested the gateless border program for immigration. It was tested in Dubai where facial recognition technology to identify travelers was used in a secure way with the help of the blockchain technology.

A quick conclusion: .The innovation of Blockchain is promising for the airline industry as it will help make the airport experience more smoother. The better the services, the happier the travelers!




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