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“Don’t think it’s gonna resolve in a split” – ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Gives his Verdict on the Potential BCH Hard Fork

Bitcoin kum ba yah happening in Bangkok to dissolve conflict regarding Bitcoin Cash

There has been much talk of a potential hard fork for Bitcoin Cash, scheduled for November 15 of this year. As the scheduled date of the hard fork comes close, more discussions arise about the conflict between the Bitcoin ABC developers and Bitcoin SV project’s developers.

The conflict remains to be dissolved among the two entities which are backed by some huge names from the crypto space. The Bitcoin SV, introduced by chief scientist for nChain and one of the most prominent figures in the BCH community, Craig Wright, while the Bitcoin ABC is sided by none other than Vitalik Buterin.

Now, another ‘big fish’ has jumped into the river, with ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ aka Roger Ver providing insight on the much infamous hard fork/split for the BCH.

Providing his input on the fact that due to deadlock regarding the Bitcoin Cash, the community had been irreparable damaged, Roger Ver said:

I think that’s very, very unlikely. There’s definitely – there’s always arguments for every Bitcoin, for every cryptocurrency community.

He reported on a convention among all bitcoin ‘giants’, happening today at Bangkok where many prominent names from the community such as himself, Jihan Wu of Bitmain and other Canadian billionaires would participate along with miners to discuss the future of Bitcoin Cash.

A bunch of Bitcoin Cash miners are flying out to Bangkok in about 24 hours here, and we’re all gonna sit down and personally talk about what we think as miners should be the future for this and it’ll probably settle by that.

Ver, who hasn’t publically sided with either party regarding the proposed BCH hard forks, also calmed fears that we may be heading into a potential split for the Bitcoin Cash which would result in multiple coins.

A whole bunch of interesting people will be there and I hope it would (come to a resolve) with a bunch of kum ba yah theme, but it may well be not, but I don’t think it’s gonna resolve in a split for the Bitcoin Cash. I think that’s the least likely outcome.

Roger Ver’s words, they might bring a sense of calm to the crypto and BCH community in particular, but you cant help but feel the palpable discord among the prominent portfolios in the BCH space and there certainly will be words said in the coming together in Bangkok.

We’ll look to the outcomes of the meeting and maybe decide for ourselves.

Razi Khan

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