Crypto is Not In the Congressional Plans For a Decade

Shading the Google glasses in order to paint a congressional future picture without cryptos featuring in it, is the exact stunt the co-founder of the Morgan Creek Digital, A. Pompliano pulled off with perfection. Bitcoin enthusiasts and analysts are continuously reflecting over the need for the congress to include cryptocurrencies and relevant entities in their recent plans. Most governments have turned their heads towards crypto in the recent times; the same is expected from the U.S congress.

The Morgan Creek Digital personnel took it to the congress as he posted a picture of congressmen, with one of them wearing Google glasses. The sarcastic comment over the photo is where things got escalated as that referred to the congress being too indulged with physically appealing gadgets rather than paying any heed to the latest financial breakthroughs like the cryptos.

Congressional staff members are still wearing Google Glasses. This means they’ll look into crypto in about a decade.

Previously the congress has been known to keep hearings about crypto on hold for whole two days. The congress has also been accused of appointing people at those hearings bearing no previous knowledge of how the cryptocurrencies operate. The later part of July of this year has seen a similar negligible behaviour of the congress towards the cryptos as China went on announcing to make cryptos a substitute for the cash. Thus the statement, Pomp gave out focusing the congress, pretty much coincides with what the congress is all about in reality.

In comparison to the U.S national congress, the EU lawmakers have previously put their standards to conduct ICO under crowdfunding rules. But there is more to the story as we see a U.S Congressman inviting a batch of 32 crypto organizations to the Capitol Hill, stating their opinions regarding the regulation of the initial coin offering (ICO). Though not equivalent to accepting cryptos as a substitute for the U.S dollars, it sure is a step forward for the U.S Congress in favour of the crypto marketplace.

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