Come Say Hi to the Blockchain Artists

These artists are dipping their paint in the bucket of blockchain.

The blockchain is mostly about the revolution; taking money and power from the rich and redistributing it by the use of decentralized ledgers. With very few people who know that there’s way more to it than this, we are bringing this to them.

These five artists are advance and smart; they know what they’re doing so read on for our daily dose of motivation.

Primavera de Filippi

Filippi the creator of Plantoid, is a mix of a plant and android. This little plant glows and dances if you tip it with bitcoin or ether. One the face of it it looks like a plant-like sculpture but each has its unique digital currency associated with it. Viewers are encouraged to send in money of their liking. When the set goal of a sculpture is reached, a piece of software alerts the artist and new work is commissioned to create another metal sculpture.

Ed Fornieles

Not a lot of people have understood how they could use blockchain to their advantage but one person who was very smart to go about it is, Ed Fornieles. He has entered blockchain with the launch of Crypto Certificate. He has cleverly used a crowdfunding technique for his new work in exchange for future profits. It’s a rather beautiful integration of his work and mechanism of the blockchain. One can feel a new form of connection between the visual artist and the audience.

Jonas Lund

Introducing tokens, this Swedish artist has created 100,000 shares in his artistic practice. Jonas Lund Token has been created on the Ethereum blockchain. Shareholders shape Lund’s artistic practice. The shares can be obtained by purchasing his physical work.

Rob Meyers

Rob Meyers played with the technology itself. He turned the blockchain into an artist itself. Since cryptocurrencies rely on the proof-of-work system to prevent abuse. Facecoin uses crypto hashes – these are strings of 64 letters and numbers produced every time a transaction is made – to produce greyscale grids. It then uses a face detection algorithm to look for faces in the grids and creates stunning portraits. They are called proof of aesthetic work.

Sarah Friend

Sarah Friend is an artist and software engineer focused on developing games, interactive experiences, and open source tools. She came up with Clickmine, a game, where hyperinflationary ERC-20 token is minted by a clicking game.

With artist using blockchain in different ways sure gives hope to people and ideas for how they could make use of it. Many seem to be getting more out of this for themselves while people are deluded into believing that being the consumer, they are part of something bigger. By giving small incentives like giving them voting rights if they buy your physical art is a great way to create a false sense of ownership in people’s mind. It is smart, you have to agree with that. And, you can come up with an idea along these lines. Play with their minds!

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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