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CEO of Heisenberg Capital and StartCOIN Holdings Shares her Take on Bitcoin (BTC) ETF

Since the arrival of bitcoin (BTC), it has been striving for getting approval and acceptance of governments and countries. For mass adoption, people often consider bitcoin (BTC) ETF as one of the most influential activities, capable of making bitcoin (BTC) common and acceptable. As SEC postponed all its proceedings due to a government shutdown, crypto enthusiasts raised concerns for BTC ETF decision. Therefore, to explore some insight about the pending decision, BlockPublisher reached out to Stacy Herbert.

Stacy is the CEO of Heisenberg Capital Limited, an early investor in bitcoin and cryptocurrency related companies, and StartCoin, a project founded in 2014 for crowdfunding. She is also the co-host of Keiser Report, the first show ever to cover bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency. She is one of the very early bitcoin (BTC) investors who bought BTC for about $3 in 2011. Upon asking her the impact of SEC’s decision, she stated:

I doubt they (SEC) will approve it. Yet.

While enquiring about the possible benefits resulting from approval of BTC ETF, Stacy explained:

I think it would probably be a surprise if they did approve it and so bitcoin prices would perhaps jump on the news. One never knows.

Extending the conversation, she further said:

An ETF had been priced in but I don’t think that is still the case.

With BTC ETF approaching near, people are tightening their seat belts for the detrimental decision. SEC has already delayed the decision several times so now, it has no option left except to announce the decision on 27th February. The decision of SEC is expected to influence the mass adoption. The situation of crypto space and market have not been doing good for quite long but with the approval of BTC ETF, things can change their course. Stacy does not expect BTC ETF to get approved but if it does get approved, she expects BTC’s price to rise for sure.

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