CanYa Set to Launch CanSeek to Disrupt Talent Hiring Industry Next Week

CanYa, an Australian decentralized blockchain platform for cryptos featuring highly the platform’s lesser fee as compared to other similar projects, is all set to come up with a recruitment drive of their own the coming week. The blockchain company seeks to initiate a novel recruitment and talent hiring platform which would be unique in its own perspective, bearing the potential to ignite the talent hiring industry. Talking to BlockPublisher, the CanYa representative stated that they are to keep a continuous contact with us, fixing up with the latest advancement or news that pops up.

…we have a novel recruitment and talent hiring platform coming out in the next week that is set to disrupt the talent hiring industry. It’s called CanSeek. We launch this soon with some big crypto companies listing jobs as our launch partners.

CanSeek. source: canstyle.io
CanSeek. source: canstyle.io

With the recruitment drive to initiate soon, CanYa sees better things for the blockchain company as they present to us, the release of their ‘hedged escrow’ in order to keep the price volatility on track for the users. The volatility of the digital assets poses a threat to the crypto market, keeping the global adoption to a minimum. This is where the CanYa Hedged Escrow (trustless and open source) comes into the mix seeking to help keep the value static though the CAN token wanders through volatility.

Canya Hedged Escrow. source: canya.io
Canya Hedged Escrow. source: canya.io

There is much to claim and much to attain for the CanYa developers as it rises up through the popularity and price chart. This is exactly what the CanYa team envisages as they intend to come up with the best team possible. To stand the test of time and the competition that is going to come crashing on to them would have to be the prime goal in order to stay over the crypto map as it would judge the stubbornness of the newly instated team.

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