Can These Blockchain Startups Actually Disrupt These Innovative Industries?

As the blockchain-world climbs the ladder of success everywhere. There are so many questions lingering on the web about blockchain. So, can all these blockchain startups disrupt innovative industries???

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Blockchain technology isn’t all fun and games. It’s serious stuff. It needs a good combination of team, vision, product and developer engagement to reach a decent level of success. With all that in place, staying strong and surviving the highs and lows in the fragile market is even more necessary.

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Nevertheless, there are companies out there who are trying to bring changes in different industries using the revolutionary blockchain technology. Let’s take a sneak-peak!


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Blockchain industry has always counted on to spectacularly disrupt the health industry for the greater good. Medibloc is a project that efficiently tackles the problem of storing the data of the health records by transferring the control of the data back to the individual.

MediBloc is basically a completely decentralized open source data platform for the healthcare world. It’s designed in a way that it gives full ownership over the personal data to the patients with a permissioned access control. What even better? There is an opportunity to monetize from their data. Interesting isn’t it?

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It’s a win-win for everyone! The patients get control. The medical institutions, insurers, healthcare providers and research organizations find a very transparent and secure way to exchange date.

The entire idea is to completely shift the paradigm of medical data to a patient centric approach. So, by creating a medical information economic ecosystem where the consumers are at its core could be an amazing way to carry forward research practices. All legal and ethical!


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Blockchain exists in many different sizes and shapes. Every blockchain project and application is unique in its own way.The interoperability of all these distinct blockchain is a never-ending question regarding the usefulness of this ground-breaking technology. However, Cardstack has a mind of its own and has a very different approach.

Cardstack’s system has individual dApps or platforms as cards. The users have the liberty to create customized business services or flows for themselves by stacking various “cards” on the top of every card or just maybe in a certain order. Out of the ordinary isn’t it? We’re not surprised that it’s a framework that has caught the attention of the developers and have recognize its potential for the blockchain market.

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Finger crossed! The future of blockchain will gain a lot of momentum in the year to come.


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Virtual reality is a blazing field right now. We can’t turn a blind eye towards how VR has gained huge popularity and is constantly growing. This is exactly why the companu Ceek has stepped in to use blockchain and crypto-tokens for efficient and flexible transactions and interactions in the virtual-universe.

It already has a VR infrastructure with virtual venues. Where the users can watch live music concerts, attend sports events and sit in classrooms. There is a lot of other fun stuff, this was just a whiff of what they have to offer. The tokens offer a much secure transaction system and the users can even own virtual items.

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The platform basically uses voting and proof of stake to give the users a level of control over whatever happens in the virtual world. That’s some exciting stuff! VR can be an amazing experience if you’re into it. Doesn’t so bad you know? You get to see the top of Bali from a hot air balloon just from your home. What else could you want??

So, don’t you dare take the blockchain technology lightly! It’s the next best thing after the internet and we have clearly told you why! If you believe otherwise, let us know below and we’ll try to convince you some more. Cheers!

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