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Blockstack has Introduced App Mining to Blockchain to Bring “Killer Use Cases”

With an aim to revolutionize the incentivization process, Blockstack has introduced a new type of mining process called App-mining. This mining not only focuses on the incentivization of people for computing assistance but also on the development and adoption of blockchain by bringing in developers. Each new app developed on Blockstack would get incentivized based on the utility and the community needs. Talking to BlockPublisher, the CEO of Blockstack Muneeb Ali, briefly explained the app-mining incentivization stating,

App Mining is meant to incentivize developers to build decentralized apps and publish them. Blockchains are a tool used by decentralized computing platforms (like ours).

Every app developed using Blockstack’s tool would be reviewed by the experts of the network, and once the application clears the reviewing period, the developers would be given “$100,000 in aggregate monthly, paid in bitcoin.” Graphite, Stealthy, Afari are a few projects which have already been launched in the alpha phase of the app-mining.

src: blockstack.org

There are unlimited upsides of this type of mining that Blockstack has introduced which include the adoption of blockchain because of the handcrafted applications which would focus on better UI and UX, more focus on community needs, and security for blockchain application developers in developing applications that would be invested in. The problem faced by developers now-a-days is that if they would be able to pitch in their idea to investors and if they would be able to get funds for their project. Blockstack solves the problem by bringing in reviewers which would properly review and rank the application, on the basis of which, the overall project would be incentivized.

Further giving insights of what this update in the mining procedure would bring to blockchain and how it would revolutionize blockchain’s adoption, Muneeb stated,

General-purpose decentralized apps may end up being the “killer use case” of blockchains.

Blockstack has been excelling in bringing revolutions to blockchain, they’re the pioneers of Blockchain decentralized auths and are aiming to bring use cases to blockchain by their incentivizing procedures now. It is hoped that the project brings about the revolution that they aim to bring on blockchain by supporting mass adoption.

More information about the incentivization procedure and the overall process can be found out here.

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