Blockchain Last Week, from Encyclopedia to becoming ‘The Thing’

CEO of Everipedia Explains the Project

Theodor Forselius is the CEO of Everipedea. In the past, he had been an editor on Wikipedia. He founded Everipedia after realizing that adding content on Wikipedia was quite difficult now. He explained that Everipedia utilized blockchain technology to maintain the quality of content added to the network. He also mentioned the financial incentives, IQ tokens, awarded to people on the base of the quality of their content. According to him, these tokens are then used to vote against or favor of content to be added to the network.

Blockchain Flourishes in Job Market and Education Sector

Blockchain’s expansion is not only limited to the startups and businesses. The job market and the education sector are also experiencing the existence of blockchain. Research shows that now, blockchain development is 7th highest paying job among all other IT jobs. In accordance with this, different universities are adding bitcoin and blockchain courses to their curriculums. Mati Greenspan stated that there will be efforts by educators to meet the market demands of blockchain developers.

Cherie Aimée is Bullish on Blockchains’s Future

Cherie Aimée is a well-known personality in the world of the blockchain. She is ranked six on top 100 most influential women in blockchain. She has been the female leader of the year as well. She was optimistic about blockchain discovering more use cases this year. She suggested that, besides crypto, blockchain can help government, supply chain and many different industries.

PoW and PoS don’t Allow Decentralization

The 51% attack on Ethereum Classis raised several questions and even challenged the integrity of blockchain. Stephanie So, the founder and Chief Development Officer of Geeq, a blockchain startup, stated that PoW wasn’t pleasing because it allowed the control to be rested with the one who possed more wealth, resulting in centralization rather decentralization. She elaborated that neither PoW nor PoS was used by Geeq as these consensus algorithms were misfitting.

Potential of Blockchain is Not Limited

Blockchain is hyped on several occasions and then argued of having limited use cases. Alan Warms, the founder of ChainFront, clarified that blockchain is over-hyped but, even then, it has significant uses cases. William Mougayar,  a well-renowned person in the space, suggested that it’s not the use cases of blockchain but people’s imagination which was limited. Tracy Hazzard, a product launch expert and brand strategist at Hazz Design, proposed that involving one in the process is the best way to explore and get the benefits of the blockchain.

Blockchain will Mark its Throne in 10 years

CEO of Soluna, John Belizaire expects blockchain to succeed and become ‘The Thing’ in the next 10 years. He stated that blockchain would be transforming multiple times before reaching the top and he was glad to contribute while blockchain walks through its journey. He further explained the trends of the latest technologies that they were a combination of some other technologies. According to him, blockchain resulted when Cryptology, DAGs and DLTs were combined in an innovating way.


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