Blockchain Is Tweaking The Future of Work, Burnout And Play

You work too much, you die (Unnoticed)!

That is the whole of Marxism in one phrase. We work so hard our lives, we work so well and we work so funny, we hate working but we also love our work. This rat race where all rodents must die for the most hardworking rodents to live and live only to work even more to the last drop of water in their systems is the epitome of the Marxist tradition of what the working class should be like.

The stage is perfectly set, and this stage is what depicts the true background of the great American burnout. We the people, by the people, should be changed to we the bourgeoisie (boujee) by the boujee, of the boujee.

Why wouldn’t you burn out and die, why wouldn’t it be unnoticed, unsung.

All our lives we struggle for happiness, we struggle for acceptance, we try to look for it in the arms of our desk chairs and if they revolve we feel extra loved, if the recline it feels great, if they hurt our asses we let them, at least in the time period that is billable, does this mean we are selling our asses? Food for thought, hmm.

Why can’t we let our money do its job by producing itself on the money trees, why can’t we live away happily ever after. Why can’t it be a fairytale. Why must it hurt so bad? Uncle Marx says its because we need to get our heads right and wake up to realize that we were sleeping away as the boujee owners abused and used us to the last drop of effort left in us.

But, us, simple lazy and harmless people, we would rather let someone bang us than banging some sense into the ones mistreating us. And blockchain is exactly for the likes of us. You and me, our kind.

It helps us grow those trees, metaphorically, that produce money themselves, it lets us earn by employing bots, it lets us take control. If you would, it could mean that we all have a boujee army of bots who let us live like rich ass landowners, as we #chillwithbae, with #coldbeer, with #inmyjammies.

Blockchain fuels innovation by connecting investors and their big funds with small developers like you and me, who do not need a formal education to learn and build new things, we make systems together that earn shitloads and do all the work and then a blockchain platform, venture capitalist, holding company or whatever you would call a distributor or a marketer sells. This is the future of work, and it is here!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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