Bitcoin Gamble And Chill: Now Playing In Your Lounge

Bitcoin offers a lot of ways that people can gamble in. There are various options for our varied moods and needs. We can find one for everything!


Dice is perhaps the game most synonymous with Bitcoin gambling and it is played by huge numbers of players every single day. It is one of the most simplest ones too!

The general premise of the game is a very simple one: you just have to bet that a roll of the dice will be lower or higher than your predetermined point, and if you guess correctly, you’ll win a prize based on the probability of the bet being good.

This means that you can bet, you can count numbers, you can crunch up and work your magic!

It really is an exceptionally simple game to play and can be picked up in less than a couple of minutes by those new to the game. I mean i did, and it was not hard or complex. I could understand it but i i guess, calculating probability is generally not my thing, perhaps serious gamblers know better.

You should also find that the house edge is very competitive when you play Bitcoin dice – it is not uncommon to find a house edge of 0.5%, and nearly all Bitcoin dice sites will offer a house edge of 1% or less

Every game of dice is also a time pinched, incredibly quick one, so people are able to get through many rolls of the dice per minute, this keeps the game fresh and adds to the constant excitement that a ‘good online gambling game should always offer to players.’ Well i feel like the makers of dice are a little too self obsessed, but the game format is fairly decent and i think it justifies the means.

This speed of play can be enhanced further by using the automated betting feature. Such a bite-sized game play for the pressed for time lot of the today’s world!

Casual Games

The internet has spoken and casual games are some of the most enjoyable and addictive games we can find anywhere online. There is no need to spend ages learning the rules, the investment is quite low or zero in most cases. It has the simplest gameplay of all, as it is generally incredibly easy to pick up. This entails that you will be able to start playing and fingers-crossed-winning quite fast and almost straightaway.

The format has brought up a multitude of games.

These include a plethora at Bitsler. These games are Multicolor and Caraycruz. The former of these games sees you selecting a color and then spinning a wheel. This makes time for the player to be hoping that the wheel lands on the color they have selected. This is something that leads to you winning a cash prize.

Caraycruz is equally as simple to play, you just predict which combination will be revealed, out of a possible four different combinations.

You can play both at great ease and comfort of knowing that they are incredibly fair, its all in the open code!

So, going Caz or Dicing? Let us know your pick!

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