Bitcoin (BTC) This Week, from Being Real to Core Values

Jason Anthony Williams Suggests that Bitcoin (BTC) is Real

Jason Anthony Williams is the co-founder and general partner of Morgan Creek Digital. He stated that bitcoin (BTC) used as a currency is one of the most crucial use cases for the crypto king. While telling about Dennis Gartman who writes the Gartman Letter and listed bitcoin with other global currencies, Jason explained that bitcoin (BTC) is real and capable of helping out 2nd and 3rd world countries. He concluded that bitcoin will be a new reserve currency.

Bitcoin (BTC) Holders Shouldn’t be Expecting a Good News

Kevin Kelly, the co-founder at Delphi Digital, suggested that few indicators anticipated a bitcoin (BTC) bottom in Q1 2019. Kevin said that as we were in an accumulation reminiscent to BTC cycles, a bottom in the upcoming three months can be expected. Clem Chambers who is the CEO of ADVFN plc and Online Blockchain plc said that it won’t surprising to see bitcoin (BTC) stooping to $2,500 in the first quarter of 2019. Clem shared his take on cryptocurrencies by predicting that cryptocurrencies will be defining the next 25 years. Besides that, Ricky Li, Co-founder of Altonomy, also revealed his opinion about bitcoin (BTC). He does not expect a rebound anytime soon. Robert R. Johnson, the Professor of Finance at Heider College of Business, Creighton University, shared his concerns on the bitcoin too. He sees bitcoin as nothing but a risk.

Founder of Elevated District Media is Bullish on Bitcoin’s Future

Not everyone holds the opinion that bitcoin is done. Michael Nye, the founder of Elevated District Media, believes that bitcoin is a store of value and it has a future. He stated that bitcoin has seen many bubbles and there will be more bitcoin bubbles but this doesn’t say for sure that bitcoin is dead. He proposed that bitcoin can be utilized by 3rd world countries as people don’t have access to facilities like banking etc in those countries.

Francis Pouliot Outlines Core Values for Bitcoin

The CEO and co-founder for the Bull Bitcoin, Francis Pouliot mentioned tackling censorship, immutability, trust-less validation, scarcity and security as the core values for bitcoin. At the moment, cryptos are not equipped enough to cater an attack so Francis stated that it was necessary that we stuck to the basic values as they provide a better option for neutralizing any attack on crypto. Otherwise, he stated that there would no use for the defaced product.


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