Axie Infinity: The New Pokémon or Tamagotchi on Ethereum? 

Once you come across to the cute and immersive world of crypto-based games that the Ethereum blockchain is bringing out, you will go bonkers like i did. They make the cutest animals man! It is only natural to fall in love with them!

So when i was young, i could not have pets, I felt super sucky and i tried to look for ways i can get them. This not only helps me ease that old age itch, but also gives me the ego boost that Pokemon cards never could. I know, i know i am talking about an era here. But, i am not trying to offend anyone, this era continuously offended me, by failing me at the collectibles each single time. Every time i’d play i used to lose my deck to somebody else and it sucked!

Well, times are better now. I can Google sh*t, I can figure out stuff, find creative hacks using Youtube and some fan blogs. But, i don’t have to anymore. Pokemon cards are old, they were when people switched to Digimon, Baseball cards and those with luxury car series.

The gameplay uses Metamask. When i saw this i was instantly sold the idea of Axie. The infinity game can be bought using the reliable Ether and is based on the Ether blockchain. But, so are the rest of the amazing collectibles coming up this year right?

Yeah well, read this, i found this on their landing page and i was swooning in no time!

Despite belonging to the same species, each Axie has its own distinct look and attributes. Some Axies are similar to dogs, while some others are more like cats, fishes, birds, or dragons. Interestingly, some Axies even look like moving trees.

Here is something else, this is forever yours. It is an amalgamation of the cards and the pets. Kills two itches at once for me. And for plenty other i am sure. Guess what mom, I do not need the Labrador anymore!! Axie infinity is basically a digital pet community.

And the website pet encyclopedia offers the cutest explanations in genealogy and lineage. Check This one out:

The first born Axie, a failure of a biological experiment aiming to create a dragon. He has a pair of deer horns, axolotl gills, a fish tail… Everything seems perfect except his potato–shaped body.

Experience points, daily activities, training and tender love and care, Experience points level up the axies and that can help in unlocking newer traits and strengths to fight in the battle arena.

The Axie Lab is where people can head to and find eggs. These can be turned into larva. Then the user waits for it to grow into a petite Axie. Then the petite Axie grows a little more into a fully grown adult Axie. The pet can then be renamed according to your choice.

So what’re you waiting for, wouldn’t you wanto join the movement today? Try it out and let us know that are we alone in this? Or are these genuinely cute!

Khunsha Javed

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