Arthur Hayes Announces Addition of EOS to BitMEX

Yesterday, June 7th, the CEO and co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes confirmed that the exchange has listed EOS on its platform and is now available for traders to trade.

Making this announcement on his Twitter page, Hayes said;

Hayes added that by listing EOS, the exchange is bringing a deep understanding of trading to the platform. EOS is a smart contract and dApp platform similar to Ethereum that allows developers to create dApps and host them on their public blockchain.

The EOS team has claimed that the network is highly scalable, while it also allows inter-blockchain communications. These are features it believes would enable it to work better than the Ethereum network, in addition to its flexibility in terms of fixing broken application and having self-describing interfaces.

The EOS blockchain is looking to eliminate transaction fees so as to be able to process millions of transactions per second. Even though the EOS network hasn’t gone live yet, its scalability promise has made it a very attractive network. Trading on BitMEX exchange gives users up to 100 times leverage on Bitcoin while providing even higher leverage on altcoin contracts, with no expiry date set for the leverages.

Hayes announced the launch of new EOS futures contract on BitMEX after the platform made some changes to their trading engine technology. According to the exchange, the EOS token futures contracts ($EOSM18) will be listed on June 7th and June 29th.

BitMEX is one of the platforms that allows its users to practice placing, executing and how to cancel an order using their sandbox testing exchange. This is especially important for new traders who are trying to get a handle on how the exchange works. Hayes further explained how safety is the primary priority of BitMEX to ensure that users don’t incur unnecessary losses.

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