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A Sneak Peek Into the Crypto Accepting Club in Vegas

Although cryptocurrencies are not fully regulated, and have amassed somewhat of a notorious reputation due to a series of unfortunate scams, numerous businesses have been popping up all over the world that accept cryptocurrency as payment. Las Vegas, which is primarily famous for its exotic and vibrant nightlife now houses more than a few of these crypto accepting businesses.

Among these is the More Las Vegas, a club located inside the magnificent Hyde Bellagio which grants membership to individuals in exchange for their very own cryptocurrency. The members of the club are granted exclusive privileges. The More club is located on a grandiose location exhibiting an extraordinary facade. The workers are trained to accept payment in cryptocurrencies, facilitating the crypto trading customers. More claims to be a “club and not a dance hall with a cover charge” and already holds a clientele comprising of many famous artists and individuals from the entertainment industry.

The clubs very own crypto coin is called More coin, which can be bought and traded at and holds the label MORE. The token is based on ethereum technology and a total of 30 million of these were created. As of now, only 5 million are in circulation. These coins can be stored in any ERC 20 compatible wallets.

An individual has to accumulate 5,000 MORE coins in order to become a member of the More club. Upon getting a membership, individuals can avail different services at all More Clubs situated at different locations.This includes bottle service, exotic car rentals, and premium events. This membership is transferable and can be purchased. Currently, Las Vegas houses the sole branch of More, but many are soon to be established in cities like Los Angeles and Miami.

In addition to getting a membership to the exclusive club, MORE can also be traded to rent a MORE suite that can accommodate up to 700 guests. This membership also grants an access to the MORE pool cabanas as well as More Las Vegas Patio, however some of these facilities require a reservation. This club acts as a platform which can get you invitations to special events all over the world due to its wide spread clientele.

It would suffice to say, that More is a privilege club made available to the wealthy and affluent crypto enthusiasts and investors. But if you’re young and broke and not any of these things, as long as one of your friend is, you could just tag along next time they visit as their allowed guest.

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